Asian Student Union

Our Epic History

Founded in 1974, Asian Student Union was formed by a collaboration of three college students who wanted to establish a pan- Asian American organization. ASU was founded on a political basis and was known for being a organization for students of political alliances. Coming from different backgrounds with the same mindset of political issues, Warren Mar, Cecil Yoshida, and Victor Huey started off ASU as a simple meeting that met in front of the library to discuss Asian politics and to create change within the Asian community. Since Warren was active within the SF CT youth and community, Cecil was active around Japan town, and Victor was involved within Oakland CT Youth Council, for them, starting ASU was easy. Starting off as a small organization that consisted of three people ASU slowly increased to hundreds. These people shared the same ideas, beliefs, and morals for the people of color, and were influenced to make a difference. Along with ASU being founded at San Francisco State University, ASU was also established at University of California Berkeley and Laney College. These members of Asian Student Union were a part of the largest inter-collegiate student actions in the bay area and remained absolute. 34 years later, Asian Student Union has carried on the same beliefs and morals that has been passed down year after year. Even though the prospective students who join have different ideas, Asian Student Union carries the same goals to enhance the community with political involvement.

Our mission is to assist the Asian American community by providing individuals with the tools, knowledge and leadership abilities to enact positive change within the community. We strive to bring awareness of the many Asian American struggles to the public eye. We also believe that a comfortable and fun teamwork environment stimulates learning ability and desire to aid the community. Building friendships and providing networking abilities are essential as we venture out into the world.

Contact Us:
Asian Student Union
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
Cesar Chavez Student Center, Room M100-E (Office)
San Francisco, CA 94132

Office Phone: (415) 338-1958

(Note: We do not always have someone in the office to answer the phone, the best way to contact us is by E-Mail, e-mail us at


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