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Great First Members Meeting & Updates! | February 17, 2010

Thank you to all the people who came to our first members meeting! Hope that everyone had a great and enriching time and we hope to see you next week, same time and same place! [5PM @ BH 226]

Bone Marrow Needed for Natalie

The picture is linked to an article about Natalie and more background information about her story.

I’m registered, are you? If you ever thought of how your going to make your mark in the world or how you’ll be remembered? Maybe this is your chance.


We’re happy to see that some people have already registered! Remember this is how we can track your progress with Asian Student Union to get you to that graduation banquet & maybe a sash or cord at your graduation!

You can click HERE or in the title above or where ever OrgSync is mentioned here to bring you to the site.

Directions (if you missed our 1st members meeting)
[Thanks Khanh N. for being our volunteer to sign up for OrgSync]
1. Arrive at homepage after clicking the OrgSync link.
2. Locate “Register” button in the upper right hand corner.
3. Find (Ctrl + F) San Francisco State University & scroll to the far right, click the green “Register” button.
4. Fill out all necessary information. Please use the name that is on your SFSU transcript and not a nickname.
5. Check the agreement box and create account.
*(Here is where it gets fuzzy for me, because I created my account a while back & I don’t have a person to register at hand)
6. Fill in other necessary information and please post a picture of you so we can match a face to a name!
7. Hopefully to the left side there is a button that says “Join Organization”
8. Find Asian Student Union, either alphabetically or by category, we are under Political. (So far we cannot fit under more than one category) [ASU started under a political basis during the student strike, but we’ve broadened our horizons]
9. Please do not e-mail us for a password at this point, just request to join organization and we will promptly accept.
10. Explore Orgsync! Thank you for registering with Asian Student Union and we hope to see you at our events!

Volunteer at or attend the Asian American Film Festival

To Volunteer click HERE

Check out what’s showing HERE.
Ask your AAS or ETHS professor if this is an extra credit opportunity!


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