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BIG Update!!! | October 10, 2009

Hope everyone is getting through midterms! Better get crackin’ on that studying! Make sure you make time for all the great events we have this month!

Set it on your calendar and make sure you get your homework and studying in done before those days, so you can party allll night loooong!

Asian American Studies Graduation on campus Fundraising
To help with the effort of raising money for AAS department graduation ceremony, we will be out there Oct 13 – 15 (Tuesday – Thursday) selling some delicious treat to help everyone endure such unstable weather we have nowadays!!!

We have…
LUMPIA – $1 for 2!!!!
Sweet and Tasty TURON (aka deep fried Banana) – $1 each
Samosa – $1 each
Replenishing KIRKLAND and CRYSTAL GEYSER water for also only $1 !!!!

So come by our table on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and we’ll hook you up with some delicious gourmet that will last you all days in energy and in taste!!! (10am-2pm on all three days) in Malcolm X Plaza.

Facebook event page below…

Seoul Train Screening
Monday, October 19, 2009
Science 210
“The definitive expose into the growing North Korean refugee crisis that threatens to undermine the stability of East Asian peace.”  film by Lisa Sleeth.
For more information email us at,
RSVP below on facebook…

Mentors & Mentees finally meet!
From Tuesday to Friday, our membership coordinator, Jordan Nathan Wong, will begin the process of introducing the mentors and mentees. More information will be released at Tuesday’s membership meeting, so please, if you signed up to be a mentor or mentee, attend.

Sardines (Reverse hide and seek)
RSVP on Facebook event page!
October 16, 2009 Friday
San Francisco State University
Meet in Malcolm X Plaza.

To celebrate the Halloween holiday early, ASU will be throwing a sardines party!

One person is picked to be “it”. This person is given some time to hide while everyone else sits in a neutral spot with their eyes for a specified amount of time. When the time is up, everyone searches for the person who is “It”. When this person is found, instead of ending the game, one tries not to let other people know where the person is; instead, he or she joins the person at their hiding spot. The object is to not be the last one left. The first person that found “It” gets to be “It” the next time.

This event will be on campus and we will set the boundaries so the game won’t get too difficult. The game will be happening at night and it will get verrrrrry scary so please bring a FLASHLIGHT and we will also split you guys into groups so nothing bad happens. Like if the Grudge girl or Billy gets you, you won’t be alone 🙂

Feel free to invite any friends you’d like, just no one creepy crawler please!

Asian American Studies Graduation off campus Fundraising (Karaoke Night!!!)
Saturday October 17th, 2009
Silver Cloud Bar & Restaurant
1994 Lombard St.
San Francisco, California 94123
(Muni busses that stop within a few blocks range, 28, 30, 43, 45) Street parking only. Recommended to carpool.

“Semester is already half way through and I’m sure a lot of you are exhausted and in need of something different on the weekend night that’s fun and unlike doing the same old thang at the same old club dancing to the same ol tracks from the radio or the same ol bars or same ol Denny’s Bacon cheese burger at 3 in the morning.

WELL GUESS WHAT?! AAS Graduation Fundraising / Planning team got you guys cover!!!!

Come join us on Oct 17th Saturday at the Silver Cloud Restaurant (1994 Lombard, cross street is Webster St). The good folks at Silver Cloud Restaurant is hooking us up wit a deal of every drink that folks purchase, the AAS committee will be 25% of each drink, and also 10% on all appetizers!!!!

The also got a full bar with with a huge selection of brand name liquor, as well as some great tasting appetizer like buffalo wings, deep fried calamari and much MORE!!!!

So come join us on Oct 17th, not along you will be helping the AAS graduation class of Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 to have a graduation ceremony, but you will also be having a blast while doing it!!!

SO MARK YOUR CALENDER FOLKS!!! Oct 17th, Friday!!!! 1994 Lombard – Silver Cloud Restaurant – LET”S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

-AAS Graduation Planning / Fundraising committee 2009-2010”

RSVP on the facebook event page…

ASU member event page RSVP in…

ASU members who would like to invite friends use this event page…

Asian Student Union (SF STATE), UNICEF (UC Berkeley), Black Artist Union, SET4LIFE, & FB Ent. Present:

SCREAM (A Fright to Remember) an 18+ Event

+Part of the proceeds benefit UNICEF, a national profit benefiting children in third world countries

Place: Horizon Nightclub 498 Broadway St, San Francisco
Date: October 29th, 2009
Time: Doors open @ 10pm

In the mix with:
Genesis the DJ & DJ Crook

Guestlist Signups @
-Full Name On ID
Guestlist 18+ $10 Before 10:30

Dress Code for Guys: No hats, collared shirts required, polos are ok, jeans not too baggy. Keep it Classy.

Ladies: Keep it Sexy

Bottle Service, Questions, Interested Promoters, Birthday? Contact Genesis @ 650 290 4317

For Presale $12 Tickets Contact:
ASU (SF State) (714) 417 4698


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